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VIP (Very Important Pieces) Fan Favourites Apr 20

7.54 Last qualifying order for gift with purchase is 6306.

As announced in the collection reveal, we have a free gift with purchases of three of more items in a single order. We have decided to extend the offer to any three brooches, necklaces or earrings from any collection, so long as at least one of them is from the new VIP (Very Important Pieces) Fan Favourites 2020 collection. However the offer excludes scarves, enamel pins and earrings priced at £5.75.

The gifts will be allocated first come, first served, one gift per customer. We will endeavour to announce the last qualifying order on the new collection page as soon as we have allocated all the gifts but given the large number of orders which usually come through in a very short time, there may be a short delay between the last qualifying order being placed and our announcement. Therefore we will email those customers who didn't qualify but placed orders before our announcement.